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"The Film Industry is very demanding with tight time schedules, precise budgets and a need for color and quality to be perfect.

We have relied on WF Floor Design (formerly Wes Friesen & Associates) for years to help source the perfect look for our sets, knowing that they always deliver on time, at the price promised, exactly the product ordered."

~ Elizabeth Wilcox, Set Decorator


Natural and Timeless - Wool is an ECO FRIENDLY fiber that has been used to make carpet and rugs.

We are able to offer carpet constructions in custom and stock qualities. We try to provide a wide range of products to give you choice in construction and cost.


Wool is grown on sheep that graze freely on the fields all over the world. New Zealand & The United Kingdom produce a large portion of the wool fiber used in carpet today.


Wool is one of a few select available carpet fibers not made from oil. Wool is naturally renewable, biodegradable, recyclable, energy efficient. Wool is a truly sustainable fibre. It has the ability to biodegrade without harm to the planet and can be recycled.


Wool is a complex, technical fibre, which has a living cell structure; uniquely this continues to proactively perform in manufactured product. Wool will absorb large quantities of moisture in the atmosphere, releasing it later to control humidity and ensure climatic temperate comfort throughout the day and the changing seasons.


Health - Wool can absorb indoor contaminants and purify the air of harmful gases, such as Formaldehyde. Wool carpet also acts as a natural filter, trapping dust and allergens in the pile, and out of the air until regular vacuuming removes them from the carpet.

Safety - Due to its high water and nitrogen content, wool is difficult to ignite and is naturally flame retardant.